Chamonix high risk of avalanche

chamonix, snow, vallee blanche, mont blanc, ski, guide, informationHigh risk of avalanche in the Chamonix Mont Valley.
Much work for taking off the snow in the Chamonix town.

Vallee Blanche big snowfalls

Big snowfalls in Chamonix, it will be the same situation for the 3 next days coming.
Already 60 cm at 12.00
Only the cable of Lognan is open with 2 small chairlifts.

Snowfall in Vallee Blanche

It will be not possible, if the weather forecast is exact, to ski the Vallée Blanche for the next 3 days.
No visibility and snowfalls, this is very good for the snow and glacier conditions.

Vallee Blanche ridge: equiment with rope 1st january

The ridge on the top of the Vallée Blanche would be equiped from january 1st depending on the weather condtions.

Vallee Blanche; descent of the classic route today.

-Today we have descended for the first time of the season, the classic route of the Vallée Blanche.
The conditions are not easy, the ridge is not equiped by fixed ropes. The snow is excellent in the beginning; a nice powder.

Vallee Blanche 1st descent by a team of Chamonix Ski guides today

Today the firs descent of the season in the Vallée Blanche has been realized by a team of local guides chamonixskiguide.

Vallee blanche ski and snow conditions

Vallee Blanche Conditions de neige Chamonix mont Blanc snow conditions
vallee blanche

Virgin snow at the middle station of the Vallée Blanche

-70 centimeters at the middle station of the cable car of the Vallee Blanche. Superb fresh snow skiing from Plan de l'Aiguille 2330 meters high down to Chamonix 1030 meters high.
2 runs, 9 000 vertical feet of virgin snow.

All lifts off in Cham

-Everything is closed in Chamonix, no lifts. Bad weather, avalanche risk 5 in altitude.
-Tout est fermé à Cham, pas de remontées. Mauvais temps et risque fort d'avalanche.

Avalanche risk in Chamonix

-The people working at Aiguille du Midi have told that more than a meter of fresh has fallen on the top of the Vallee Blanche the last 24 hours.
For sure, the snow conditions will be ok for Christmas, but for now, it's much better to wait that the snow becomes more stable: the avalanche risk is too high.
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