Vallee Blanche résumé summary informations

vallee blanche ridgeDelphine et Vincent ouvre le refuge du Requin samedi 14 janvier (sous réserve des conditions météo).

Ridge on the top of the Vallee Blanche, french cable closed 11 12 january

vallee blanche rope
The cable car is closed 11 and 12 th january.

Vallee Blanche a part of the ridge is equiped

vallee blanche areteThe beginning of the ridge is equiped, this is still necessary to have crampons for the descent of the ridge.

Vallée Blanche, good conditions tomorrow

vallee blancheThe conditions will be OK tomorrow for the Vallée Blanche.
Nice weather above the valley.

Summital ridge Vallee Blanche

The summital ridge of the Vallée Blanche will be equiped by the Mont Blanc lifts company today if the weather is OK.
In absence of the confirmation of the equipment, the mountaineering equipment is obligatory for descending the ridge.

Chamonix snow conditions avalanche risk 4

This is still not possible to go in altitude.
Les Houches, the bottom of Grands Montets with la Herse, a part of le Tour and the bottom of la Flégére are on.

Vallée Blanche avalanche risk 5

vallee blanche conditions
Avalanche risk 5 in the vallée blanche. Tomorrow it will not possible to ski the vallée vallée blanche.

Vallee Blanche cable car closed, strong wind and snow

vallee blanche conditionsStrong wind on the top of the Vallee Blanche 100 kilometers per hour.
The cable car of aiguille du midi si closed.

Vallee Blanche weather and snow conditions for the next 48 hours

Le téléphérique de la Vallée Blanche est fermé le 11 et 12 janvier, seul le 1er tronçon est ouvert.

Vallee Blanche powder snow in Envers du Plan

envers du Plan Vallée Blanche conditionsVallée Blanche 3.1.2012 
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